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Why Statewide Public Works Mutual Aid?

IPWMAN Disaster aid
  • IPWMAN is one of the only agencies of its kind in the United States.  
  • Following the events of 9/11, Homeland Security Presidential Directive 8 expanded the definition of first responders to include public works personnel.  
  • Disasters are typically beyond the capabilities of most public works agencies. 
  • Local equipment may be damaged by the disaster rendering it out of service.
  • Following a disaster, local public works staff may be affected both emotionally and physically by the event, affecting their ability to safely perform work.
  • Relying on neighboring communities as the only source of assistance is dangerous because they too can be impacted by the same disaster.
  • Routine work such as water shut-offs, treatment plant operations, and sign installation will still need to be completed.  
  • As first responders, public works agencies are involved with the disaster from the onset to the end of the recovery phase. 
  • During a disaster, public works equipment and manpower will be limited. No community is too large to need help.
  • No community is too small to provide assistance. If you can spare one truck and one person, you can help.
  • Because of the diversity of IPWMAN member agencies, there are many types of public works equipment available for mutual aid.

Benefits of IPWMAN

  • Any government/public agency that provides functions of public works can be a member.
  • The membership sets priorities and controls the organization through the Board of Directors, elected from and by member agencies.  
  • IPWMAN maintains an up-to-date and readily accessible listing of available statewide resources.
  • IPWMAN partners with IEMA-OHS and other statewide mutual aid organizations as well as some non-governmental organizations.
  • Comprehensive, public works driven and led training is made available to its members at no cost during the annual conference.
  • Because of the defined operations plan, IPWMAN can expedite the coordination and arrival of mutual aid.
  • Member agencies have access to assets from all over Illinois.
  • There is no charge to the requesting member agency for the first five days of the response. 
  • By standardizing operating procedures, disaster response is safer and more efficient.  
  • Member agencies have quick and direct access to assets through an IPWMAN Duty Officer. 
  • IPWMAN not only coordinates equipment and manpower but also leadership support from member agencies who have experienced similar disasters.  
  • Each member agency signed the same agreement no matter their location or size. 
  • Being a member of IPWMAN will provide you with added peace of mind knowing that your community has access to mutual aid during times of need when local resources are overwhelmed.

Available Resources Through IPWMAN:

  • General Labor Crews
  • Debris Loading Equipment
  • Forestry
    • Aerial Lift Truck
    • Brush Chippers
    • Labor Crews with a Forestry Background
    • Grapple Truck Operations
  • Engineering/Technician Assistance
  • Hauling of materials or debris
  • Equipment Transport
  • Pumping Operations
  • Vac Truck Operations
  • Material Loading equipment (not debris)
  • Vehicle Maintenance/Service Truck
  • Sign Fabrication
  • Task Force/Strike Team Leaders
  • Command Staff
  • IPWMAN can also support other "outside the box" tasks
IPWMAN Teams and Equipment