How To Join IPWMAN

To become a member of IPWMAN, an agency must submit the following documents:

  1. A signed copy of an ordinance, resolution or other legally binding document authorizing the agency to enter into the IPWMAN Mutual Aid Agreement,
  2. A signed copy of the IPWMAN Mutual Aid Agreement,
  3. A completed application form
  4. A list of emergency contacts
  5. Contact your local accredited/certified Emergency Management Agency and let them know that you are joining IPWMAN
  6. Payment of dues (see Dues section below).

To submit these documents:

  •   Mail them to Illinois Public Works Mutual Aid Network: PO Box 898, St. Charles, Illinois 60174

Questions about joining? Please call 844-IPWMAN-9 (844-479-6269) for more information.

Mutual Aid Procedures

  • Reimbursement
    • No charge to recipient for first five days
    • More than five days provider will be reimbursed by the recipient.
  • If state or federal funds become available, IPWMAN response dues may be reimbursable.


  • Member Dues support
    • Dispatch center
    • Maintenance of resource lists
    • Insurance, etc.
  • Dues are based on population served
    • Under 15,000 -- $100 per year
    • 15,001 to 75,000 -- $250 per year
    • Over 75,000 -- $500 per year

A few reminders...

  • No community is too large or too small to need help in a disaster
  • No community is too small to help… If you can spare one truck and one person – you can help!!!
  • When disasters strike, assistance may not be available locally or regionally
  • IPWMAN is the first organization of its kind in the U. S.