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How To Join IPWMAN

To become a member of IPWMAN, an agency must submit the following documents:

  1. A signed copy of an ordinance, resolution, or other legally binding document authorizing the agency to enter into the IPWMAN Mutual Aid Agreement
  2. A signed copy of the IPWMAN Mutual Aid Agreement
  3. A completed Application Submission Checklist
  4. A Member Agency Contact Form
  5. Contact your local accredited/certified Emergency Management Agency and let them know that you are joining IPWMAN 
  6. Payment of dues (see Membership Dues Information section below)

Submit these documents to:

Illinois Public Works Mutual Aid Network: PO Box 898, St. Charles, Illinois 60174

Questions about joining? Please call 844-IPWMAN-9 (844-479-6269) for more information.

Mutual Aid Agreement Highlights

  • Authority is provided under Illinois law
  • One standard non-exclusive mutual aid agreement is signed by each member agency
  • Self-renewing after the first year with payment of dues
  • Response is ALWAYS voluntary
  • There is no charge to the requesting agency for the first five days of mutual aid response
  • If state or federal funds become available, some of the IPWMAN response costs may be reimbursable
  • You must join IPWMAN before a disastrous event to be eligible for mutual aid assistance from IPWMAN (possible exceptions are declared as state or federal disasters)

Membership Dues Information

  • View the IPWMAN Membership Dues Schedule
  • Member Dues support:
    • The annual IPWMAN conference which is offered at no cost to employees of member agencies
    • IPWMAN contract with SEECOM for call center services
    • Maintenance of resource lists and website
    • Insurance costs
    • Deployment supplies including the two response trailers, and the Continuity of Operations Kits
    • Costs associated with administrative support

Who Can Join IPWMAN?

  • Any government/public agency that provides functions of public works
    • Municipal public works departments
    • Township road districts/Unit road districts  
    • County highway departments/County divisions of transportation
    • Water and wastewater agencies/districts 
    • Park districts