Monday, February 1, 2021 - 10:00am to Thursday, February 25, 2021 - 12:00pm

The management institute is for anyone in a leadership position. This affordable course will teach you how to put effective management and supervisory skills to work for you and your organization. You’ll learn to make better leadership decisions, communicate more effectively, avoid costly mistakes and get the results you want. Plan on attending yourself or sending other managers and supervisors who would benefit from this superior skills program.

The four-week course includes:

Section 1 - The Art of Leadership. Provides participants with knowledge of contemporary leadership principles, essential skills and general functions of management and the role of the manager. (Feb 1 - 4)

Section 2 - Collaboration and Teams. Effectively working with others is essential to maintaining a good work environment and efficient operations. How we communicate can either promote an effective team or cause barriers and conflict. This segment will provide training in tools proven to enhance communication skills. It will show participants how to communicate effectively with different personalities, diffuse emotional issues, and communicate in ways that build confidence and promote cooperation. The strengths and weaknesses of four communication styles will be examined. Practical exercises will be used to help participants learn to communicate more effectively in either a management or staff role. (Feb 8 - 11)

Section 3 - Managing Conflict. This workshop emphasizes skills needed in purposely and appropriately managing conflict, understanding and benefiting from emotions, converting mind-body integration principles into powerful tools, recognizing and expanding perceptions, operating from purpose and developing powerful conflict resolution communication methods. (Feb 16 - 18, skipping President's Day)

Section 4 - Decision Making. As managers we spend our days making decisions. How do you determine the quality of your decision making process/the quality of your outcomes? Do you have a way of determining whether something should even be a decision? We will explore methods and perspectives that will support your individual and group decision making ability. (Feb 22 - 25)